EDX Magnetics and the Center for Technology and Venture Commercialization (TVC) are pleased to announce the execution of a license agreement to commercialize an exciting new technology for electrodynamic metal sorting. EDX Magnetics has licensed exclusive worldwide rights to the intellectual property behind two patents developed at the University of Utah. These patents describe new research for using high-frequency electro-magnetic fields to separate non-ferrous metals.

Don Eggert, President of EDX Magnetics, announced, “We are excited to introduce this ground-breaking technology to the scrap metal recycling industry. Electrodynamic sorting (EDX) has the power to transform how we recycle high-value non-ferrous metals. We plan to build and sell clean and cost-effective machines with no moving parts that separate metals like copper and aluminum more efficiently and effectively than any other technology.”

Dean Gallagher, Technology Manager at TVC said, “We are pleased to take this next step with EDX Magnetics. We have been working with the team at EDX Magnetics for the past five years and are confident in their ability to successfully commercialize this exciting research from the University of Utah”.