EDX Magnetics and the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) are pleased to announce that EDX Magnetics has received a grant award through the Technology Acceleration Program (TAP). This funding will support the development and testing of a prototype for sorting a mix of scrap metal called Zorba. This prototype will use a new high-frequency electrodynamic technology that separates small pieces of non-ferrous metal in a clean, efficient process that is more cost-effective than any other technology available. Once commercialized, this process will significantly improve metal recycling in Utah and across the country. Read more about the USTAR TAP award here: https://ustar.org/ustar-announces-newest-tap-award .

About EDX Magnetics: with licensed technology from the University of Utah, EDX Magnetics is addressing needs in the metal recycling industry. The company’s technology sorts non-iron metals and aluminum alloys from recycled materials through an innovative and cost effective process.

About USTAR: The Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) is the state’s technology-based economic development agency. USTAR serves as a catalyst to develop ideas and research into marketable products and successful companies through its competitive grant and entrepreneur support programs. USTAR propels Utah’s economy forward by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the non-IT science and deep technology clusters. USTAR facilitates the diversification of the state’s tech economy, increases private follow-on investments, and ensures more companies successfully launch and survive the initial technology development and incubation stages, or the so-called "Valley of Death." In doing so, USTAR helps create a rich innovation ecosystem that grows the state’s economy, tax revenue, and workforce. Find out more at ustar.org .